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CG Questions :: July 12, 2020

CG Questions: 7.12.20

Title: Don't Settle for Incredible

Text: Acts 12-1-11

Sermon Points: 

  • Fervent Prayer: The Desperate Cry of the Soul
  • Specific Prayer: The Honest Desires of the Heart
  • Expectant Prayer: The Confident Request of a Child

Discussion Questions:

1. What was one truth or concept you hoped we would talk about as a group today?

2. What is one “impossible” situation/need/circumstance that you’re currently praying about?

3. What is your current plan for pursuing God about this? Do you find yourself praying often about it, or hardly ever?

4. Do you ever struggle to believe that God cares about this situation?

5. What are some promises you are clinging to in response to this?

6. Share one time you saw God move in a powerful way when you needed Him to.