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CG Questions:: July 19, 2020

CG Questions 7.19.20

Title: Hardly Recognizable 

Text: Acts 3:1-10 

Sermon Points:

• Natural things can’t satisfy supernatural aches.

• Transformation requires a new heart.

• Nothing is more contagious than a personal encounter with Jesus.

Discussion Questions:

1.     Share one area where you have experienced real transformation through faith in Jesus.

2.     How has your spiritual journey affected your need for approval, acceptance, or outward things to satisfy the needs of your soul? How would you like this         confidence and assurance in Jesus as your first source to increase? What practical steps can you take this week to let go of the old and embrace the         transformation God has for you?

3.     Read John 14:16-17 out loud together. What is God speaking to you through these verses?

    How would your life change if you fully embraced the truth of God’s Spirit dwelling within you?

4.     Who in your life needs to ‘catch’ the faith, hope, and joy you’ve found in Jesus? How can you reach out to them this week?

5.     Take some time and pray for two things:

    • Specifically pray for the opportunity to share your faith with the people you named in question #4.

    • Pray and receive a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit.