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CG Questions :: July 5, 2020

C.G. Questions: 7.5.20

Title: This Is For You

Text: Acts 2:1-21 

Sermon Points:

• Every move of God begins with intentional pursuit.

• A move of God’s Spirit pulls people together.

• A Spirit-filled Church is an ever-expanding community

Discussion Questions:

1.       What was one truth or concept you hoped we would talk about as a group today?

2.      Read John 14:16-17 aloud. According to these verses, you know the Holy Spirit because he dwells within you.

         How has this truth impacted your life as a follower of Jesus? 

         How would your life change if you fully believed this truth? Be specific when you answer this.

         How would your prayer life, relationships, choices, etc be different?

3.     Every move of God begins with intentional pursuit. 

        After listening to the sermon, what do you think the intentional pursuit ofGod looks like in the everyday life of a follower of Jesus?

        What specific changes do you think you will make based on what God spoke to you through the sermon? 

4.      Are you content with the work of God’s Spirit in your life? Why did you answer as you did?

         Where do you see God’s Spirit working in and through you?

         Where would you like to see his work increase?

5.      Pray together. Receive a fresh infilling of the Spirit of God.