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CG Questions :: Someone's Someone :: Part 3

CG Ques 6.14.20

Title: Pray With Me

Text: Nehemiah 1:11

Sermon Points:

• We will never change our world until prayer changes us.

• Embrace Lament.

• Identify your blind spots.

• Cling to a promise.

• Make a specific request.

Discussion Questions:

1. What was your biggest take away from Justin’s sermon? How has that impacted your everyday life this week?

2. Have you ever experienced the type of lament prayer Justin spoke about? If so, take a few moments to describe the when and how you prayed in this manner?

3. In what ways do you find yourself resisting the ‘embrace lament’ phase? Why do you think that is so?

4. What is your initial emotional reaction to ‘identify your blind spots’? How do you sense God prompting you in this? How will you respond to Him?

5. What is one promise you find yourself clinging to in these tumultuous times?

6. Do you find yourself wanting to move on from this current conversation? Why or why not? Take time to really listen to one another.