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CG Questions :: Someone's Someone :: Part 4

CG Questions 6.21.20 

Title: A Million Ships in Port 

Text: John 13:34-35 

Sermon Points: 

  • Sacrifice is the new language of Love 
  • Acceptance is the source of Love 
  • Every choice to love reveals the heart of God 

Discussion Questions:

1.   Do you find yourself resisting this idea to “love one another” in this season? 

 2.  If you gave yourself a score from 1-10, on how you’re doing loving those closest to you in this season, what would you say? 

 3.   In order to give this type of sacrificial love, you must receive it first. In what ways are you receiving God’s love each day? 

4.   “Sacrifice is the new language of love”. What types of “sacrifices” or ways of serving come most natural to you? And what types are the most difficult? 

5.    How can we as a church serve as a “city on a hill” right now?