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CG Questions :: Someone's Someone :: Part 1

CG Questions 5.31.20 

Title: You Need Friends 

Text: 1 Samuel 18:1-5a 

Sermon Points: 

-Great friendships are first discovered, then developed. 

-Deep friendships require an even deeper sense of identity. 

-Close friends have the power to speak destiny over your calling into reality. 

-Godly friendships reshape future generations. 

 Discussion questions:  

1.  How was friendship defined as you were growing up? Did it lean towards the inch-deep type or the life-long covenant type? 


2.  How has your idea of friendship changed as a follower of Jesus? 


3. Talk about the Friendship Pyramid Justin mentioned. 

    Here’s a brief description: 

Eternal – God alone – my source of worth 

Covenantal – inner circle, 1-3 max, defined by life-long covenant (spouse, bro, sis) 

Spiritual – my sacred trust, 5-10 max, mentors CG, defined by mutual sacrifice 

Transactional – partnership/work relationship, defined by depending on each other 

Practical – my neighbor, defined by frequent interaction 

-Let’s discuss the importance of building this whole pyramid with God at the top. 

-What does that look like on a practical basis? 

-How do we begin developing that ‘covenant’ layer? (our spouse, same-gender friend, etc) Share practical ways you are doing this. 

-Any other thoughts about the other 3 layers? Areas you sense God nudging you in? 


4.  After hearing this sermon, how do you feel God prompting you to develop deeper friendships? In other words, this week who do you need to reach out to and intentionally spend some time with?