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CG Questions :: October 18, 2020

CG Questions 10.18.20 

Sermon Title: My Shepherd 

Text: John 10:1-15 

Discussion Questions: 

1.    Where in your world do you feel like you’ve been recalculating over the past 6 months? 

       How has that impacted your everyday life? 

2.    Where do you tend to look for stability in your life? Is it family, job, friends, or something else? Maybe you’ve grown up relying solely on yourself.

       How has this changed since you began following Jesus? 

       What areas do you need to surrender to Jesus as your Shepherd?

3.    Jesus, as your Good Shepherd, asks you to radically relinquish control of your life – releasing all your dreams, plans, and purposes to him as you fully trust.

       This is the only way he can be your Shepherd. What is your immediate gut reaction to this truth? 

       Take some time and talk about what sabotages your full surrender. 

4.    Break up into groups of 2 or 3 and enter into a time of prayer.  


        Begin by laying down the false narrative of being in control of our lives. This means releasing all the things you rely on instead of God.

        Invite the Holy Spirit to show you, and (out loud) confess and release those things.         


        Next, complete surrender begins inwardly with your heart.

        Once you’ve let go of all the outward things you’ve relied on, invite Jesus to be the Shepherd of your heart.

        Confess (out loud) the freedom you have from all that you chose to relinquish.

        Receive that personal relationship of trust with Jesus that he is offering you.  


        Last, receive the joy and strength that comes from knowing your Heavenly Father is caring for every detail of your life.