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CG Questions::May 3, 2020

CG Questions 5.3.20 


1. Have you found yourself losing heart during this COVID crisis? Why do you that think is?  What truth from the sermon spoke directly to you in this? 


2. During this quarantine time, many have lost something. Jobs, financial security, normal routine and, sadly family or friends to the virus. Re-read this week’s text – 2 Corinthians 4:6-18. 

Without denying the difficulty of this season, how can you apply this eternal truth to what you’re going through right now? Be specific – apply this to any loss you may be grieving right now. 


3. God exchanges your trials for glory. Where in your life are you experiencing this exchange? Practically, what does that look like?  What area do you need to see this exchange happen? How will you invite God into this area this week? 


4. Heaven is real. Justin used some of these phrases to describe heaven: 

  • A great assembly – a company of angels 
  • Eternal City – Sea of glass – Tree of Life 
  • We would see the face of God 
  • Wipe away every tear 

    He used these words to describe hell: 

  • Outer darkness – eternal weeping 
  • Sorrow beyond comprehension 

             Take some time as a group and talk about the gift of eternal life. In Christ, we know our eternal destination is heaven. How does that strengthen your soul today? 



CGLs – if you have anyone who hasn’t given their life to Christ – this might a good point to share the Gospel.  

The Simple Gospel Message: 

If you are here and you are far from God: 

  • -God’s love for you 
  • -Your separation from God 
  • -The cross and resurrection 
  • -Your need to personally repent and believe 


Here’s a simple salvation prayer to lead someone in. 

A Prayer of Salvation:  

  • I  confess  I  am a sinner and I need forgiveness.  
  • I  believe  Christ died and rose again.  
  • I  surrender  my life to Christ and place my trust in him.  
  • I  receive  grace and the Holy Spirit.