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CG Questions::April 19, 2020

CG Questions 4.19.20 


1. What is one concept from this week’s sermon that you hoped we would discuss together? 


2 How do you relate to the idea that life doesn’t just contain battles – it actually is a battle? In what ways has this been true in your life? Where have you seen God comfort or strengthen you during these times? 


3. Talk about the four ways people respond when the world proves to be unstable or collapsing? 

  • The Pretender – I’m fine. I’m invincible. 
  • The Fighter – I love this and will beat it. 
  • The Cynic – I don’t care, and I’ll hide behind humor. 
  • The Pawn – I am a victim and helpless.  


Which one do you tend to lean towards? Why is that? How does God want to change your response? How can you practically cooperate with what He desires to do in you in this area? 


4. If you want to change your feelings, change your focus. What is one perspective you are embracing during this COVID crisis that is not emotionally healthy? What truth from Psalm 27 speaks hope to these feelings? 


5. Seeking God’s face releases God’s strength. End your gathering by reviewing the Attributes of God sheet together. Pray for one another according to the truth of who God is.