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CG Questions::May 17, 2020

CG Questions 5.17.20 


Title: 100 Steps Ahead and a Breath Away 


Main text: 1 Kings 19:1-16 


Sermon points: 

  • Unusual events expose unhealthy patterns. 

        1. Identify unhealthy patterns. 

  • Your progress is largely determined by the story you tell yourself. 

        2. Edit the internal narrative. 

  • The deepest need in your life is the nearness of God. 

        3. Seek a personal word. 

  • Vision provides oxygen for the soul. 

        4. Prioritize the vision. 



1. In what ways has this COVID quarantine worn you down? In other words, where do you find yourself restless or struggling emotionally – maybe acting in old behavior patterns? 


2. How have you been internally processing this abrupt change of season? What are doing that is helping you grow and thrive right now? What are doing that is keeping you stuck? 


3. Specifically talk about the unhealthy patterns you’ve developed due to these unusual circumstances. 

What changes will you make this week to break those patterns? 

How would you like God to help you in this process? 

What people will you invite in to this process? 


4. God wants to edit the narrative you’re telling yourself. This is done by drawing near to Him in faith. How will you carve out time every day to hear the voice of God? 



5. Share with one another the different ways you seek God and hear Him. 

Talk about how you can allow the Gospel to change the story you are telling yourself.