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CG Questions :: December 23rd :: Mike Schnepp

  1. As you reflect on last weekend’s sermon, what one principle or insight stands out as being particularly helpful, insightful, or difficult to grasp?

  2. Where has your belief in God’s goodness and faithfulness been tested or challenged over the last year? What have you seen grow in yourself as a result of that challenge? How has your relationship with God changed over the course of that trial or process?

  3. Mike mentioned that sometimes in our life’s battles we are using weapons that are outdated or inadequate. What weapons have you been using that are ineffective in fighting the current battles you might be facing? What is your plan to switch out those old weapons and to pick up belief & faith? Identify one practical way to remind yourself this week of the promises of God for your life and your circumstance.

  4. God is more committed than you are. 
    Mike reminded us that God cares about the details of our lives; that He is the great anchor of our souls. He will never fail you and He won’t let you down. Break into small groups of 2-3 people. Share where you feel like you are having a hard time believing these truths. Where are you filled with doubt, fear, or worry? What circumstances are overshadowing this perspective of God?

    Allow your group to pray over you and ask God to fill you with a greater revelation of the goodness and faithfulness of God.