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He Is :: CG Questions :: Part 5

  1. Think about your life and the times it seems that Jesus hasn’t come through. What do you do with those thoughts? Have you hit a ceiling because of this? How do we make that old ceiling our new floor?

  2. God’s delay in going to Lazarus was not a denial of their prayer. There is a connection between God’s love for them and the fact that He waited. Share of a time when it seemed God was late on your prayer but looking back you can see it was really the intent and motive of his heart to do things better in His timing.

  3. God wants you to live your resurrection right now. He wants you to live knowing the power of the resurrection is in you. How does this change TODAY for you?

  4. True love gives you what you need most. What you need most in this life is not comfort or ease, it is a deep revelation of WHO He is.

    Break into group of 2 or 3 and pray that this real encounter with who God is begins to shape and impact your life this week.