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In To Me See :: CG Questions :: Part 2

  1. Imagine if we could live in the middle of experiential joy, while in the middle of hardship.   What would shift in your life today if you sang now, before your miracle has come to completion?  

  2. Are you living right now like the problem you see is bigger than the God that you serve?  If you are, how do you think that hinders you from full faith in who He is? 

  3. God brought Mary on a journey: Starting with uncertainty. Uncertainty moves to hope. Hope moves to possibility. And possibility moves to revelation.  Where are you on your journey of waiting for your miracle? How far are you from singing your song like Mary did? 

  4. The song Mary carried, carried her. That song that erupted out of her carried her through all the trials and turmoil before her. In her song, Mary doesn’t focus on herself, she focuses on WHO He is, not HOW He will do it. Are your eyes fixed on who God is or are you fixed on how you will get to the promise fulfilled? 

Prayer: Spend some time praying for one another that this week you will shift your perspective more towards Him and for your faith to increase so that you can sing before your miracle.