Question Detail

In To Me See :: CG Questions :: Part 4

  1. What resonated most with you this week from Justin’s sermon?

  2. Can you identify an area of your life where you are living as if you are “dying of thirst” but really you are floating in an abundance of provision? 

  3. What choices do you face as a result of this sermon? 

  4. “When you see how much God cares for you, you won’t care how much God sees.” Is there a part or thing in your life you are unwilling to surrender because you are afraid someone will see? How might that shift through the reality that God already sees it all, and the way to be freed is to fully surrender it to Him? 

  5. A healthy marriage or fulfilling singleness -They both flow from one source. Are you looking for fulfillment from an empty well or are you looking to the source of life to satisfy?