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CG Questions :: Wake My Heart :: Week 5 :: Priorities

Wake My Heart
Week 5: Priorities


  1. In today’s culture, we often make a deep commitment to shallow things, and a shallow commitment to deep things. How was this statement true in your family of upbringing? How has this impacted your spiritual journey so far? Talk about the ways God is currently changing you in this area.  

    CG Leader: In the sermon, Justin talked about how Jesus looked at the Rich Young Ruler and “loved him”. For the next question be prepared to lead the charge and encourage your group in the truth of God’s unwavering love. Perhaps have a few bible verses ready to share.

  2. Many of us are exhausted from trying to prove ourselves to God and earn His love. Like the Rich Young Ruler in this week’s sermon we have an inaccurate view of God. Take some time and answer this question in the light of God’s truth: How does Jesus look at me?

  3. Until you learn to risk for Him, you’ll never learn to rest in Him.

    Talk about a time when God led you to do something that messed with your comfortable routine. How did this deepen your relationship with God? 

    How is God shaking your status quo right now? What is keeping you from fully committing to His direction?

  4. Think about all the ways you might find security, safety and status in the things of this world. What practical step will you take this week to replace your attachment to things with an attachment to Jesus?

  5. How did you intentionally hear God this week in the context of the Wake My Heart journal? What truth stood out to you in the daily devotional? How did you practically apply that truth? 

CG Leaders: don’t forget to encourage your group to attend the Advanced Commitment Night on November 22nd at our Middletown and North campuses. 


Scripture verses:
Mark 10:17-27

Sermon points:

• Jesus wakes our hearts by disrupting the status quo.

• Jesus grows our hearts by bringing us to crossroads of commitment.

• The revelation of God’s love re-orders the priorities of the heart.