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CG Questions :: August 9, 2020

CG Questions 8.9.20 

Sermon Title: How to Build A Hurricane 

Text: Ezekiel 37: 1-10 

Sermon Points: 

  • Vision is born out of a need. 
  • Vision expands with the right questions. 
  • Vision moves ahead through a system.  
  • Vision only becomes reality through the breath of God.  

Discussion Questions:

1.  Would you say you’re someone who has a clear vision for your life, or do you lean more towards struggling with personal vision? Why do you think that is so? 


2.  Justin talked about ‘vision drain’ during COVID. It’s a feeling of aimlessness – not sure where you’re going in life. How has this COVID season been a vision drain

     for you? What is one thing God spoke to you during this sermon that addresses this aimless feeling? How will you respond to his voice? 


3.  Justin discussed 4 steps or elements of vision. Take some time and discuss each one. 

        1. Vision is born out of need. 

            Right now what need or burden is God calling you to ‘make right’ or get involved in? Talk about what you sense God is saying.

        2. Vision expands with the right questions.

            God invites his children to expand the borders of reality by acts of faith.  What is your current ‘why not’? What will your next faith steps look like? 

        3. Vision moves ahead with a system.

            What are the practical steps you need to take to move forward with your personal vision?

            Who will you invite into this process with you? 

        4. Vision only becomes reality through the breath of God.

            Apart from Jesus, we can do nothing. Actually, every breath belongs to him. Does this truth resonate in your soul?

            How is God asking you to surrender and trust?

 4.  Over the next few weeks, God will use this sermon series to help you form a personal vision for your life. Take some time and pray for one another.

     Pray for open minds and willing hearts.