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CG Questions :: Build the City :: Part 5

  1. Talk about the first time you recall God gripping your heart? What were the things that you seemed to be living for that became less important because of this experience with God?

  2. Drifting People Return.
    This week Justin talked about how when God gets a grip on your heart, you find yourself returning to a relationship with Him, instead of drifting away. Talk about a time when you sensed God draw you back to Himself. What initiated this ‘return’? Who was involved? What changed in your day to day life as a result of turning back towards God?

  3. Conviction Awakens Your Conscience.
    When, in your spiritual journey, has your conscience been awakened to the need for change? This could have been an area of disobedience to God’s truth, a sin struggle, an unhealthy relationship, neglecting time with God or something else. What awakened your conscience to truth and then, ultimately, to change?
    Is there an area right now where you sense an awakening occurring? What is God convicting you of? What steps will you take this week to respond to that conviction?

  4. What would your life look like if you fully embraced the incredible truth of the Gospel? That is, that Jesus lived a perfect life, died a brutal death and was resurrected to reconcile us to God. If you began to shift your focus to that truth, and away from yourself – how would your daily life look different? (consider every realm: relationships, how you spend your time and resources, choices, dreams, etc.)