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CG Questions :: December 6, 2020

CG Questions 12.6.20

Sermon: No Turning Back

Text: Genesis 22:1-13

Sermon Big Idea:

• The revelation of God as provider is reserved for those who trust him with everything.

Discussion Questions:

1. What is the one concept or truth from this week’s sermon did you hope your group would discuss tonight?

2. Talk about a moment when the ‘die was cast’ for you in your walk with Christ. In other words, a moment with following Jesus when there was ‘no turning back’? 

3. Discuss a time when you found yourself in a situation that seemed to contradict everything God had promised. Maybe this is even true for you right now. How are you staying close to Christ during this time?

4. An idol is whatever you look at in your heart of hearts and say, “If I have that, then I’ll feel like my life has meaning, then I know I’ll have value, then I’ll feel significant and secure.”

Take some time and honestly discuss the things, people, circumstances, position, status or anything else that is an idol in your heart. How will you personally lay down those idols and keep Jesus at the center of your heart?

5. Abraham didn’t see the ram (God’s provision) until after he acted in obedience.

• Take some time in prayer together and ask this question:

 “Lord, where do you want me to cross that point of no return and obey?”

Invite the Holy Spirit to speak specifically into your situation.

• After prayer, share with one another what the Lord is speaking and what steps of obedience you will take this week.