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CG Questions :: Walking In Step :: Mike Schnepp

  1. In the sermon we were reminded that we were made to “speak to one another the language of grace.” When was the last time that you intentionally used your words to help to call out a gifting that you saw in someone else? To remind them of their purpose in God? To remind them how God sees them? When was the last time this was done for you by a fellow follower of Jesus?

  2. We talked this Sunday about the power of music to “affect us.” Talk about one of your favorite worship songs and how it “affects” you. In what specific ways does that song stir up your affection for God?

  3. What other things besides song and lyric and music stir up your affections for God in your heart? Talk about some of those specific things.

  4. What do you do to cultivate a spirit of gratitude in your heart? What things have you found that consistently fights against gratitude in your own heart?

  5. While its not fun to think about these things, talk a bit together about where you find an attitude of “entitlement” at work in you, making war against a grateful heart. Spend some time praying together asking God to reveal all that has graciously come to you from his hand.

  6. We heard in the sermon that the absence of a thankful heart makes us prone to the lies of the enemy and his schemes to draw our attention away from the reality of the love and faithfulness of God. What did this mean?

  7. In the final piece of the Ephesians 5 text, Paul encourages us to “submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” When was the last time that you prioritized the good of another person not simply because “it’s the good thing to do”, but rather it flowed from the conscious reminder in your heart of all that has been done for you by Jesus?