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CG Questions :: Reach :: Part 2

  1. What point or principle most stood out to you from this week’s sermon? Why was that?

  2. In his sermon, Justin talked about a well-known sermon called “Expect Great Things from God, Attempt Great Things for God”. 

    How would your life change this week if you believed and embraced that sermon title as a lifestyle? (think about how every realm of your life would be impacted – for example: your time, money, relationships, prayer life, words, etc). What is hindering you from making those changes?

  3. Before God can expand your calling, you must expand your perspective.

    In what areas of your thinking is your view of God too small? How does this impact your everyday life? What step will you take this week to begin to expand your view of God?

  4. As you honestly examine your heart, what part of your life are you withholding from God? What is causing you to do this? (perhaps it’s fear, selfishness…or something else). This week how do you want to change in this area? What is one practical step you will take to cooperate with this change?

  5. Consider the St Francis of Assisi quote: Give up your small ambition, come and save the world. 

    Take some time and pray together. Ask God to show you the specific changes you need to make in order to stretch, expand and deepen your life and commitment to God.

    Break into groups of two, and tell each other what God is saying. Then, agree together in prayer for the grace and strength to obey what you sense God saying.