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CG Questions :: Speak :: Part 1

  1. What was one thing from the sermon that you hoped we would talk about as a group?

  2. As you were growing up, how did your family handle change? Now, as an adult, how does change effect you?

  3. How would you describe the season of your life right now?
    Where do you see God working in you during this season through change? How are responding to that change?

  4. Justin talked about the Doctrine of Regeneration. Simply put, our natural state (before knowing Jesus) is spiritual death. This is reflected in hearts that are unresponsive to God, to His Word, or to worshipping Him. In this spiritual state of death prayer is impersonal, purity is an obligation and we find ourselves clinging to worldly possessions. The good news is that Jesus lived a perfect life, died a sacrificial death and was resurrected so that we could become spiritually alive in Him!
    Talk about how your life has changed since the voice of God spoke to you and breathed life into your spirit. Think about all the areas of your life (your choices, your appetites, your affections), how have they changed since you began loving Jesus?

    As we walk in this new life with Jesus, we begin to discover the unique purpose, identity talents, calling God has for us – in short, we find our voice because of His Voice in our lives. Share what that unique grace of God looks like for you in your everyday life. In other words, what talents, gifts and desires do you see in your life that God wants you to use for Him? What steps will you take this week to begin ‘using your voice’ at home, with friends, in the workplace, in your community, in your church?