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CG Questions :: The Standard :: Part 3

1. The Standard Week 3 challenged everyone to embrace a lifestyle of generosity. Are there any changes you made in light of a prompting by God because of the message? Talk about specific changes and what you sense God doing in your life in the area of generosity.

2. Justin talked about the practice of ignoring limits having its roots in the garden when Adam & Eve dismissed the boundaries God has placed for them. We see that this unwillingness to embrace our God-given limits can spring from a distrust in God’s intentions towards us. Thus, this busyness we live can be a subtle act of rebellion.

-What is your reaction to this concept?
-Do you embrace limits in your life on a regular basis? If so, specifically talk about them.

-If not – what areas in your life do you sense the need to recognize and embrace limits?
What steps do you need to take this week to begin embracing limits?

3. Many people attach their worth to their level of productivity. This causes us to often push ourselves to the point of exhaustion. Which, in turn, creates a lifestyle that neglects the basics – things like eating dinner with family on a consistent basis, spending time enjoying God, family, friends or activities that are not work-related, etc.
-On a scale of 1-10, where do you find yourself? (that is, prone to being driven, exhausted, etc.)
-What are 3 tangible steps you’d like to implement in your life this week to break this unhealthy cycle?

4. Justin talked about 2 practical challenges from this sermon.
First, seeking God first thing in the morning.
Second, giving a portion of your time to serve God’s people.

-Which one of the two is more difficult for you? What do you think that?
-Which one of the two have you seen God really change you in? Be specific.