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CG Questions :: Wake My Heart :: Week 3

  1. Last week we talked about 100% commitment from 100% of God’s people. What practical steps did you take to turn from self-absorbed living to a life lived for something bigger than yourself? How is this impacting your walk with Jesus? Be specific.

  2. In Luke 16:19-31, Jesus tells a story to drive home the truth that everyone will die. Somehow, we manage to avoid this truth, pretend it’s not real or busy ourselves in order to deny its reality. Is this death a difficult reality for you to face? Why or why not?  How did the sermon turn your heart toward the truth of eternity?

  3. Beyond this life there is another dimension where we will stand before God and either enter His presence in heaven or be separated from His presence in hell – both for eternity. This truth provides the fuel and framework for a radical re-ordering of your life. What practical steps this week is the Holy Spirit prompting you to take in radical obedience? 

  4. We all desire to know how God wants you to use our life, our time on this earth for eternity. Consider these 3 points.
    -You can pray: who do you need to begin praying for every day?
    -You can build: how does God want you to radically re-frame your life to build His kingdom?
    -You can go: where is God directing you to go to help advance the Gospel? 

  5. Today is the day to wake up to the reality of eternity. Today is the day to make God your help – your Primary, your Source, your Hope, your Life.   
    As a reality soul check discuss this question: what is one thing in my life that I couldn’t live without? 

    Break into groups of 2 or 3 and talk about your answers. Pray together and lay down everything before Jesus. Commit your life afresh to Christ.