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CG Questions :: Wake My Heart :: Week 8 :: Commit

Wake My Heart, Week 8: Commit
  1. Share one specific and practical way God is teaching you complete surrender through this Wake My Heart journey.
  2. We like the idea of a life of faith but as soon as God calls us to act beyond our understanding we start to explore other options. Share a specific moment recently when God stretched your faith and you responded with a yes. How did that obedience impact your soul? 

  3. The real evidence of genuine love is a generous heart, but this requires a letting go of control. How difficult is it for you to do this? Why do you think that is so? Why do you think releasing control is evidence of a life that trusts God? What practical steps are you taking currently to live this life fully trusting God? 

  4. Becoming more like Jesus means learning to be generous. This means every follower of Jesus should give. What makes you hesitate to give? How would your life change if you embraced generosity? 

  5. Giving puts the logic of the heart above the head. How has this Wake My Heart campaign challenged you to live from your awakened heart? How will you continue cultivating this changed heart in the weeks and months ahead?

  6. Read aloud 2 Corinthians 9:6-8.
    Take some time to pray for one another specific prayers from these verses.
    Pray that all would be free to sow generously with a cheerful heart.
    Pray that giving would be decided in an awakened heart, not under compulsion.
    Thank God for the abundant blessing and surplus He blesses each giver with. 


Scripture verses:
2 Cor 8:1-8
2 Cor 9:6-8
Deuteronomy 1:29-31
Genesis 26:18

Sermon points:
• Generosity requires a release of control.
• Every follower of Jesus should give.
• Giving puts the logic of the heart above the head.
• Your surplus will always exceed your sacrifice.