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He Is :: CG Questions :: Part 1

  1. Justin talked about living with a sense of wonder – he actually mentioned a time when a sky full of stars just stunned him. It just took his breath away.   Talk about a time in your life when you experienced that awesome sense of wonder.

  2. Often people focus on what God can do for us or give to us. We care more about how He can provide for us than about who He is.
    How has that broken tendency begun to heal during your spiritual journey? That is, how has who God is become more important for you than what He can do for you. Talk about the specific catalysts that fueled this change in you.

  3. You can’t receive real life until you relinquish your agenda.
    Do you struggle with control? How hard is it for you to let go of your agenda? As a Christian, what is your spiritual process to let go and release control to God? Talk about specific times you’ve done this and how it impacted your walk with Christ.

  4. Our souls have so many appetites. We all crave purpose, significance, approval, status, comfort, security, and pleasure. Which one of these has been your biggest struggle? Why do you think that is so? Now, share a specific time when you discovered God as a greater source of satisfaction for your soul. How did this discovery happen? (for example: Bible reading, talking to a friend, a worship service, etc)

  5. As you digest all He is, you become all He promised.
    The impact of daily time with God on our souls is powerful and mysterious all at once. Share how your spiritual disciplines have strengthened your faith and transformed you. What practical step will you take this week to ‘digest’ more of God in your life?