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He Is :: CG Questions :: Part 2

  1. Shawn talked about how every claim that Jesus makes about himself carries with it an invitation for us to believe something about ourselves. So Jesus’ claim to be the world is a personal invitation for us to understand that we are blind. There are definitely those for whom this personal implication for them is a real barrier to belief. What are some reasons people struggle to believe that they, in reality, are blind without Christ.

  2. A deep, humble understanding of what’s broken in me is the heartbeat of faith.
    Talk about times in your life where you have felt a deep dependence on Jesus because you just didn’t have the answer.

  3. Talk about a time in your life where understanding the “Heart of the Father” for you caused something to click in you moving you toward God instead of away from him.

  4. If “what the Son reveals, he wants to heal”, can you talk as a group about one area in your life that you know Jesus likely wants to bring further healing to and spend time praying for one another about that?

  5. What practical step can you take this week to let the light of Jesus shine more deeply into your life? 

  6. It has been said that “the true mark of a Godly friend is that they can know the very worst things about you and they would never use what they know to hurt you, but instead always have their eye on how they can help make you stronger.” Do you have Christ-centered friendships like this? Talk a little bit about your experiences with having people in your life that have been this for you. What have those people been like?