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He Is :: CG Questions :: Part 4

  1. When things feel like they are getting bigger and bigger, we have a tendency to hold on tighter and tighter. Do you have anything in your life that you are holding too tightly to?

  2. Knowing that you have a shepherd should change the way you live.What ways can your day to day life shift to operate from the truth that God is a good shepherd?

  3. A healthy relationship with God will flow from a proper relationship to God. Where in your life can you start to see God as friend instead of just someone you turn to in need?

  4. The thing you need more than anything else in your life is unreasonable love. When this love gets on me, it changes everything: How has Christ’s unreasonable love caused your life to be different than it was before you met him? Or in what ways would you like it to be different?

  5. At the end of his sermon, Justin challenged us to take some action steps. Break into groups of 2-3 and pray over each other that this week you will:

             -Surender to His leadership. 

             -Believe in His nearness. 

             -Receive His love.