Week 1: Consider Your Consumption

Week 1: Consider Your Consumption

- 1/12/2021

CG Questions 1.17.21
Sermon Series: HEADSPACE

This series looks how your assumptions, plans, feelings, experiences and thoughts form your headspace; that underlying narrative that forms your worldview. It’s the story that your soul lives under and it’s powerful. It literally sets the trajectory for your life. Expect God to do great things in your heart and mind these next eight weeks.

Week 1 sermon Title: Consider Your Consumption
Text: Daniel 1:1-8a


  1. After hearing the sermon and watching Justin’s CG video, take some time and honestly describe your "headspace."

    What story is creating the atmosphere in your mind? Is it a story full of fear, anxiety, restlessness, pride or something else?

    What themes in your headspace can you identify as ‘false narratives’?

    Talk together about one or two truths from God’s Word that counter the false narrative. How can you apply those truths today?

  2. Justin talked about four ways Babylon tried to rob Daniel of his relationship with God. Talk through these four points:

    Disconnect: this strategy is used to isolate and rob us of the sacred element of godly community. How does separation from others who love Jesus affect you? What strengths are found by being part of a group that is growing in God together?

    Distort Reality: we often find reality shaped by the overload of information found in social media and 24/7 news. What practical steps can you take to fill your heart with more of God’s truth and less of the world’s narrative?

    Distract with pleasure: we all constantly face the same temptation: over-indulgence. This tactic of the enemy leaves us numb to God as we try to find satisfy spiritual appetites with earthly pleasures. Where is this true in your life? What limits do you need to embrace in order to walk in the freedom Jesus purchased for you?

    Delete your identity: your true identity in now found in Christ. What names or words have been spoken over you that is robbing you of who God says you are? Replace those false identities with truth from God’s Word. For example: change ‘I am fearful’ to ‘God hasn’t given me a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.’ 2 Tim 1:7

  3. End your time together in prayer. Ask God to do the inner work of renewing your mind over these next eight weeks. Receive His true narrative for your life. Then share with one another how you sense God prompting you to participate in this week’s 7-day fast.