Week 4: The Way Things Are

Week 4: The Way Things Are

- 2/7/2021

Headspace: Week 4
Sermon Title: Truth - The Way Things Are

  1. This week we talked about our lens for truth and how we determine “the way things really are.” What was one thing that stood out to you?

  2. We talked about a 2020-2021 general confusion that many people feel regarding what/how they are supposed to think about any number of issues. As you interact with people, do you tend to see more people “confused” or “clinging” to the eternal truths of God as their “go to” anchor? What about you? In uncertain times, is it your impulse to ask “What does God think? Or How does God feel about this?”

  3. There is no better way to understand what God thinks than by engaging in his Word. Heading into 2021, spend some time talking together about what your individual plans are to seek more of God’s truth in his Word.

  4. In this message Shawn talked about Jesus’ purpose in coming (John 18:37) was to tell us the truth. In saying this, Jesus was letting us know that the foundation for all sin and the brokenness it causes are lies believed. Talk a little bit as a group about lies that, in your story - in your journey - you have found very easy to believe. Spend some time discussing your own story of Jesus opening up your eyes to “truths” in certain areas of your life and how he brought freedom and a more “real and full” life to you in those areas.