Week 5: Dignity and Destiny

Week 5: Dignity and Destiny

- 2/12/2021

Headspace: Week 5
Sermon Title: Dignity and Destiny

This week looks at some very heavy issues in our culture. You might consider breaking up into groups of three to facilitate even greater deep and honest conversation.

Big Idea: Your highest calling is in the service of others.
Text: Esther 4:14-16

  1. How has God realigned the story you tell yourself over these past 5 weeks of the Headspace sermon series?

  2. Culture’s ideas and views about human value have huge implications on your perspective. So often your worth is wrapped up in what you can produce. Your fulfillment is found to what you accomplish. Was this perspective part of your upbringing? How has this changed since following Christ?

  3. How do you think your reaction to, and treatment of others might change if you truly believed that all people are created in the image of God, and therefore, carry an intrinsic dignity?

  4. Talk about real, practical choices and changes you will make this week in order to use the sacred, divine position of responsibility God had given you to stand up for the dignity and destiny of others.

  5. 5. Take some time to pray for one another. Especially surrender the changes you talked about making from question #4. Receive the power of the Holy Spirit to transform your thinking in these areas.