Week 7: What's Your Plan?

Week 7: What's Your Plan?

- 5/21/2021

Build This House

Text: Ephesians 6:1-4

1. Fill in the blank. “When I was growing up I knew that my parents valued ________________ for our family.” Be specific. Why do you think that? Did they say it or was it shown?

2. For kids to learn to honor their parents (see true value in them), it must be modeled by adults. How do you model honor in your home with your words, actions and attitudes? How do you model honor with friends, extended family or co-workers? What areas do you feel need improvement?  What steps can you take this week to honor others?

3. Is the idea of spiritual warfare against God’s people, both married and unmarried, new to you? If not, how have you pushed back against that warfare in your own life and in relationships? How have you seen God specifically answer your prayers for your family?

4. Parenting without grace can lead to obedience based on fear. How does grace impact your parenting style? Be specific. What areas do you sense God wanting you to cultivate more grace?

5. End your time together in prayer. Pray for all the families represented in your group. Start with thankfulness for all God has done in each life. Then ask God specifically for strength and wisdom to live wholly for him whether single or married. Pray for each other’s children also.