Stay Small, Stay Low

- 7/11/2021

Text: Philippians 2:2-8

1. What's one thing from this Sunday’s message that spoke to you?

2. The meaning of the Philippians 2 word for “humility” is “a deep understanding of the smallness of self; the impulse to stay low.” – In your own story what is one thing that you’ve experienced that has forced you to have a keen understanding of “the smallness of self”?

3. In what ways do you think cultivating humility can lead us to life of greater joy?

4. In Sunday’s message we talked about how a deepening humility in relationship to God leads to a deeper humility in relationship to others where we find ourselves prioritizing less of our interests and focusing more naturally on the needs of other people. Talk about people in your life that come to mind who have a deep “others focus” to their lives.

5. In the spirit of being vulnerable with each other, discuss ways in which humility in relationship to others in difficult for you. Take some time to pray for one another, that the “mind of Christ would be in you.”