40 Days of Compassion

Saturate New England With Compassion

Help us reach our goal of 10,000 acts of compassion as we commit to pray, serve, and love those around us for the season of lent. Share with us how God is moving through you and log your act of compassion.

Compassion Is Contagious

Share your acts of compassion with us as we journey together to display the love of Christ.
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We were able to bless so many in our community with Easter Egg Hunts!


Im a medical secretary. One of our patients wasn’t feeling well. She had to get medical imaging done and was tired and afraid to drive. I offered to and picked up the medicine she needed to take in order to get the scan done and brought it to her with her paperwork already filled out for her with Easter chocolate flowers and a card.


I HATE cleaning up the kitchen! Yet as I was cleaning my portion of dishes the Lord reminded me of when Christ washed his disciples' feet at Passover. They weren't his to clean, and yet he took it upon himself to do so. Lent overlaps with Passover, so as an act of compassion, I decided to clean every one else's dishes also. I want to model Christ!


We are housing a friend who is having challenges at home

Prayer walk for a friend in need

Hosted friends for dinner who might not have someone to eat with

Prayed for a patient of mine that was anxious


I'm known to be pretty organized when it comes to my nail polish collection. So to share a few bottles with my sister says a lot about my expanding capacity on becoming more generous.