Following Jesus

You just experienced the life-transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ!

It's often difficult to put language around an encounter with God. He speaks to your mind, but following Jesus isn't just an intellectual decision. God stirs your emotions, but salvation isn't simply an emotional decision. Today, you heard and responded to these incredible truths:

God created you, loves you and made you for relationship with Him.

Like every other person on earth, you have chosen your own way and lived apart from God.

You can never please God with your own good works or effort. Sin separates you from God. You need a Savior.

Jesus Christ gave his life on the cross, as a sacrifice for your sins. He took the punishment you deserved so that you could live fully accepted by God.

As you confess your sin, turn to God, and place your faith in Christ, you are fully forgiven and adopted by Him.

In response to the Gospel, you prayed a powerful prayer:

"Heavenly Father, I confess I am a sinner and need forgiveness. I believe Christ died and rose again. I surrender my life to Christ and place my trust in him. I receive his grace and the Holy Spirit."

If you just prayed this prayer with us, please fill out the form below and check the box, "I have just said 'Yes' to following Jesus!" We would love to pray and support you on this journey!

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The Bible uses these words to help us understand the life-changing power of meeting Jesus:

"Once we, too, were foolish and disobedient. We were misled and became slaves to many lusts and pleasures. Our lives were full of evil and envy, and we hated each other. But - When God our Savior revealed his kindness and live, he saved us, not because of the righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He washed away our sins, giving us a new birth and new life through the Holy Spirit. He generously poured out the Spirit upon us through Jesus Christ our Savior. Because of his grace he made us right in his sight and gave us confidence that we will inherit eternal life."

― Titus 3:3-7, New Living Translation

Next Steps For Growth

And this is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.

― John 17:3 ESV

At its core, Christianity is about having a relationship with God. A person who becomes a Christian begins a journey from knowing about God to knowing Him personally and intimately.

Here are three important practices to help you grow closer to God day by day:

Reading the Bible

The Bible is truly the most influential book in history. It contains hundreds of prophecies that were fulfilled generations later; it’s internally consistent, historically accurate, and poetically breathtaking. As you begin reading it, you will find that the Bible is not like any other book. The word of God is living and active! Within its pages you’ll discover who God is and how great His love is for you. It’s not a sterile history book – it’s an invitation to conversation with God.

Here are a few tips as you begin your journey in the Bible:

  • Choose a translation you can easily read. Examples are ESV, NLT, or NIV.
  • Don't begin on page one. Instead, begin in the Gospel of John. Here is a LINK to a Bible reading plan.
  • Make Bible reading a daily habit. Find a consistent time each day to cultivate this practice.
  • Here are a few other Bible reading resources:
  • Suggested Sermons:
    • 28 To Change: Of Paintings And Rocks - 6.3.19 - WATCH HERE
    • This Story Is Me: The Sower - 9.17.17 - WATCH HERE


Talking to God is one of the great joys of following Jesus. Because Jesus has forgiven your sin, you can have confidence that God hears you (see Hebrews 10:19-23 for more). The Bible encourages us to pray from the posture of believing God is for us and with us. Prayer means you can live every day with the experience of God’s nearness.

Some ways to pray include:

  • Worship: Focus on his greatness. You were made to worship God! Sing of your love and adoration for God. Write a prayer of thanksgiving for all he is.
  • Meditate: Focus inward on the truth of scripture. Stew over a few verses about God. Memorize them. Experience his nearness as you meditate on his word.
  • Listen: Focus on the inner voice of the Holy Spirit. What is God speaking to you? Start a journal of what he says to you in prayer.
  • Ask: Focus outward. Knowing that God is for you, begin asking him for specific needs for yourself and for others. Make a list. God desires to answer bold, faith-filled prayer. Be persistent. Be thankful.
  • Dig: Click HERE for the Vox Church DIG Prayer Plan.
  • Suggested Sermon: Prayer: Don't Misunderstand - 3.17.17 - WATCH HERE

Jesus-Centered Relationships

Following Jesus works best with other people. The Bible describes the Church as the Body of Christ. This means each of us are a unique part that displays something of God that no one else can. It also means that even though we are different, we belong together and need one another. Getting around other Christians to pray, ask questions, study scripture, serve others and enjoy life will propel you forward in your walk with God.

Here are a few ways you can increase your relationships with others who are following Jesus at Vox Church:

  • Weekend Services: There are many opportunities to attend a Vox Sunday service. Make this an important priority in your schedule. Worshipping Jesus with others and hearing a word from God will help you grow in your relationship with God.
  • Servant Teams: There are so many diverse, fun, and creative ways to serve at Vox Church. Visit the “Next Steps” table and fill out a “First Serve” card. Someone from Vox will reach out and get you connected to the areas you’d like to try serving in. This is an incredible way to meet new people! Click HERE to learn more about teams.
  • Community Groups: Small groups provide big potential to grow in your relationship with God. Throughout the week, people from Vox Church meet to study and discuss scripture, pray for one another, share life, and build relationships. Click HERE to learn more and sign up for a group.
  • Suggested Sermons: OK IM IN: 7 Part Sermon Series - Fall 2018 - WATCH HERE