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Global Missions at Vox

Vox Church firmly believes that followers of Jesus are called to be actively involved in engaging people with the gospel around the world. To focus our efforts, we center our global engagement in the following ways:

Outside the US, often resources for theological training are inaccessible for indigenous pastors. We believe in training and empowering local, national pastors and partnering with international organizations supporting local church planting

According to the Joshua Project, there are 3.28 billion people that have never heard the gospel or know who Jesus is. We partner with organizations dedicated to advancing the gospel in these areas among these people groups.

We seek to assist those who are supporting women and children in need, specifically those being exploited or trafficked, in some of the hardest and darkest places

We partner with evangelistic and relief organizations to help provide clean water, stabilize food insecurity, provide opportunities for education and vocational training, basic financial services, and access to medical care with particular attention given to Sub-Saharan Africa where these conditions are the most difficult.

With belief in the call to living with redemptive intentionality, we support those stewarding their gifts with gospel aims in areas of significant cultural influence. These include education, film, business, government, and the arts.

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Global Partner Highlight


Vox Church has partnered with Rise + Shine India to help support vulnerable children and adults in South Asia.
Join Us as we pray for the more than 6,500 orphans heading back to school! Pray for provision for school supplies and uniforms, as well as a successful school year.

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