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Faith > Fear

Springfield Campus Pastor Matt DeCiccio looks at the Old Testament story of Caleb and Joshua in the book of Numbers and how their faithful response in the face of danger can inspire us today.

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I AM Here!

New Haven Connections Director Kisha Sheppherd discusses how an interaction with her son one night highlighted truths from the Old Testament that God is, and always will be, with us from beginning to end.

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The Gratitude Tree

Middletown Campus Pastor Ryan Wetherhead talks about ways to cultivate a mindset of thankfulness throughout each day.

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Lean In

Chrisy Kendrick takes a look at Psalm 27 and encourages us to lean into the presence of God in both the good and the difficult moments of life.

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Look Behind You

New Haven Campus Pastor Tim Gnaneswaran illustrates our need to remember God's faithfulness in our past so we can trust in his promises for our future.

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