Group Night

Journeying together through the highs and lows.

Join us on Tuesday nights for Group Night starting Tuesday, April 30 at 6:30pm at our Branford Campus.

We are offering 8 different support groups that will help you grow your faith and work towards greater levels of healing alongside others.


10 week course - $20 for materials

Freedom in Christ is a 10-week long discipleship course designed to help every Christian break free from what is holding them back and become who they are made to be in Christ. It is for every Christian—from those who have been Christians for a long time to those who are brand-new followers of Jesus. The focus of this course is not how to behave but how to believe. 

10 week course - free course materials

Alpha is a series of biblical conversations about life, faith, and meaning. Join us as we create space for honest conversation around some of life’s biggest questions. This group will also provide an opportunity to connect with others and grow in your relationship with Jesus. 

13 week course - $20 for materials

Facing separation and divorce is one of the most painful experiences of your life, often leaving us feeling isolated and hopeless. During this time, support and helpful direction is greatly needed. Having a safe place to ask questions and share experiences will support your healing process. Join us for a 13-week, Christ-centered approach to the unique issues around separation and divorce. The course this semester is for females only.

8 week course - free course materials

ZOOM ONLY at 7PM - The adoption and foster journey is full of grief that live alongside joys. We can find greater meaning and purpose when we learn to embrace all this journey brings. This curriculum explores the ways the foster and adoptive journey can be both more challenging and more rewarding than we could have imagined, the ways we hold the pains and embrace the joys, and the ways God is with us in all of it. 

8 week course - free course materials

Have you suffered a loss? Processing grief is probably the hardest work you will ever do. It can strip your soul and leave you struggling for hope. Join us for an 8-week journey where love, support, God’s Word, and community can make all the difference between surviving and thriving. 

5 week course - free course materials

ZOOM ONLY - For parents of kids with disabilities, it is so important to have people in your corner who understand your unique challenges and can walk with you through life. This study focuses on the importance of marriage for parents and how tending to your commitment to one another first can help grow and flourish your care for your child.  

10 week course - $35 for materials

To “enrich” means “to improve the quality of.” There’s no shame in admitting your marriage could use some enrichment. This group will utilize the Prepare & Enrich marriage assessment tool to identify relationship types, expectations, possible strength areas, and possible growth areas. Each night, we'll come together as a group for teaching & discussion but will also designate some personal couple time to work through exercises as well. 

8 week course - free course materials

You are loved and you are not alone! Join us in this 8-week journey for women who have experienced some form of sexual brokenness and are ready to take that next step towards finding wholeness in Christ.