Get Started

Three things you need to do to get your CORE group started:

1. Find two or three people of the same gender.

2. Have each CORE member create their own Vox Account HERE. 

If you need help creating an account, follow these STEPS.

3. Each person in your CORE group must register below. 

You will enter your first name, last name, cell phone number, gender, campus, and email address.

Register for CORE

Frequently Asked Questions

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CORE groups are three to four people of the same gender who meet regularly to pursue the practical process of growing in their relationship with Jesus and with one another.

You will go deeper in your spiritual growth as you partner with a few people to study and put into practice seven CORE habits.

No. CORE is a more intimate opportunity to consistently build deep relationships that strengthen your faith and motivate you toward practical application of the seven habits. We encourage Community Groups to form CORE groups from their existing members. A Community Group can break into CORE groups on a regular basis as part of their meeting schedule.

For the first six weeks, we suggest meeting weekly. After that, find a rhythm that is best for the group (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly).

Where you meet is up to you! Meeting in person is the primary goal but be creative! If you prefer meeting digitally, that's okay too.

We suggest first joining a Community Group. Find a group at

If you are new to Vox, we suggest registering for an Essentials or Following Jesus class to help build relationships and get to know the Vox family! Find a class at A CORE group can then form from these source groups.

Yes! There are two CORE workbook options, provided by Vox Church, that your CORE group can use. Registration is required to access the CORE content. Once registered, content is accessible either on the Vox website at, or physical copies are available at your Vox campus. Every CORE member needs a book.

1. Find two or three friends of the same gender.

2. Create a Vox account on the website (if you don’t have one).

3. Go to and register .

4. Meet and grow!

You can but we suggest staying focused with one group.

Reach out to Jake Rosekopf at