CORE groups are three to four people of the same gender who are committed to the practical process of growing in their relationship with Jesus and with one another.


Begin by progressively developing the seven CORE habits:

  1. The Habit of Relationship: Receive the love of God

  2. The Habit of Radiance: Share the love you have freely received

  3. The Habit of Receptivity: Learn to depend on his spirit for guidance

  4. The Habit of Righteousness: Grow in holiness through surrender

  5. The Habit of Resources: Trust in the love of God as you practice generosity

  6. The Habit of Rest: Submit to his love as you practice a weekly Sabbath rest

  7. The Habit of Replication: Stretch your love and invest in someone else

Get Started!

Three things you need to do to get your CORE group started:

  1. Find two or three people of the same gender.

  2. Have each CORE member create their own Vox Account HERE.

    If you need help creating an account, follow these STEPS.

  3. Designate one person from the group to register your CORE group below.

    For each group member, you will need their first name, last name, cell phone number, and email address.


  1. Do I have to create a Vox Account if I already have one?


  2. Why do I have to create a Vox Account?

    Creating a Vox Account gives you access to CORE content.

  3. What is the maximum number of people that can be in a CORE group?

    The maximum number is four people, and the minimum number is three people.

  4. How frequently should we meet?

    For the first six weeks, we suggest meeting weekly. After that, find a rhythm that is best for the group (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly).

  5. Where should we meet?

    Where you meet up is up to you! Meeting in person is the primary goal, but be creative! If you prefer meeting digitally, that's okay too.

  6. What happens if I register after the first six weeks has already started?

    CORE groups can be registered at any time. Just start from the beginning and go through the content at your own pace. (see question 4 for frequency)

  7. How long do CORE groups run or meet?

    CORE groups will be ongoing. Our first set of content starts September 27, 2020 and continues through May 2021.

  8. I want to join a CORE group but I don't know anyone. What should I do?

    We suggest first joining a community group. Or, if you are new to Vox, we suggest finding an Essentials or Following Jesus class to help build relationships and get to know the Vox Family! A CORE group can then form from these source groups.

  9. Will material be provided, or will I need to purchase my own?

    There is no cost for CORE materials, but registration is required prior to accessing the CORE content, which will be available 3 different ways:
    1. Online:
    2. Printed booklet available at one of our Micro Church Services
    3. On our Vox Church App - (COMING SOON!)

  10. I am ready to start my CORE group. What's my next step?

    1. Find two or three friends of the same gender.
    2. Create a Vox Account.
    3. 3. Register your CORE group. You will need first name, last name, email, and cell phone number for each person in your group.

  11. I am already in a CORE group, can I join another?


  12. Have any other questions?

    Reach out to Jake Rosekopf at