Saturday, January 22, 2022 @ 10:00 AM


“Come and see what the Lord has done.” Psalm 46:8

Within each woman’s story we glimpse the beauty, splendor and redemption of Jesus. The strength that exists inside our collective stories, points to the glory and power of our God. As we make room in our hearts for one another, we make space for His presence in a profound way. On January 22, 2022, hundreds of women will gather with open hearts and open hands. Together we will experience the transforming power of Jesus centered friendships and step into a higher calling of connection and community.



Registration will begin when doors open at 9:30am. The last session will finish around 8:30pm. 


Register before January 1, 2022 to purchase your ticket for only $29! Ticket prices will increase on January 2, 2022. 


Please arrive early at the venue to register. Bring a photo ID to our registration table to receive your Illume 2022 bracelet, which will act as your ticket into the conference for all sessions. 


The event is open to women in 6th grade and up! 


We are so excited to welcome VoxYouth ladies at our conference! We will have a specific section for you to sit in with some of your favorite leaders and also a lunch available on-site day of just for you! Register for the youth luncheon by clicking here. 


There is plenty of parking at our Branford campus. Keep driving past the Walmart on your right until you see the VoxChurch building. 


Coffee, tea, and water will be served at our day sessions. There will be a break for lunch when conference attendees can get food at local restaurants. There will also be a break between the day and evening sessions for dinner.  


Illume Conference merchandise will be available for purchase. Sales will be by credit card only.


If you are unable to afford the cost of attending the conference, please still register for the event and fill out this Illume Scholarship Request Form.