The Greater Gift | 12.18.22

18 December, 2022

Text: Galatians 4:4-5

1. Talk about a surprise arrival you have experienced. What made it special?

2. The Christmas story (the arrival of Jesus) was God's strategic, sovereign plan to save humanity. What are some things you do or have done with your friends/family to celebrate the arrival of our Savior?

3. What has God strategically, sovereignly done recently to show He is providentially at work in your life?

4. In this Christmas season, what promises of God are you struggling to fully trust in? Why? 

Read Romans 8:31-39 together and then take some time and pray and thank God for the greatest gift of all, Jesus. Ask Him to give each of you a greater understanding of His immense love for you and for a greater depth of trust in His promises.