What Happens in the Desert | 8.15.21

15 August, 2021
Text: Exodus 2:16-25

1. Talk about something that happened, an event, or a specific time in your life that caused you to say “This is not what I expected.”

In your life, three important themes must be worked out in your heart when you walk through a desert (pain, trouble, heartache, loss):

2. Deconstruction: to break something down to reveal its inadequacy. If you looked at your desert as a deconstruction opportunity God is using to reveal a new path towards living for Him, what would change?

3. Acknowledgement: What part of your story do you need to acknowledge that you can’t control, that you can’t fix? How do you see God’s hand at work through it?

4. Incubation: Talk through the possibilities of what God might be growing in you through your desert experience to fulfill later in your life. Be specific.

5. Read Isaiah 43:19 together. Pray and thank God for His sovereignty (He is in complete control over your life), ask Him to give you strength to make it through the desert, and pray for an ever growing trust in Him to spring up in your heart as you see Him more clearly.