Where Less Means More | 8.29.21

29 August, 2021

Text: Exodus 18:13-23

1. Talk about someone that you have seen, whether in person or in a video, that seems to have defied human limits.

2. Mike mentioned that living outside your limits can have a negative impact on those closest to you. How did this play out in your family of origin? How has that changed on your spiritual journey?

3. Everybody needs a Jethro, the person in your life that can see what is happening and is willing to say to you “What you are doing is not good.” Who has been your Jethro? Share how you initially responded, and how they have impacted your life. If you do not have a ‘Jethro’, what steps can you take this week to begin introducing this important relationship into your life?

4. Break up into groups of 2 or 3 and talk through these questions. Then pray together and seek the Holy Spirit’s help as you re-think your life and priorities.
     a. What areas of my life are over-extended?
     b. What was the process that I allowed that to happen?
     c. What could God do if I made good changes?