The Surprise Ending | 9.5.21

5 September, 2021
Dear CGL,

The topic of grief, loss or shattered dreams can easily trigger people who have experienced any of this. As group leader, let this week be a time people can share without giving or receiving advice on how to ‘get better’. Lean into question #4 and allow smaller groups to share their experiences in a safe space. Let the Holy Spirit do his work as you pray for one another at the end of group. Thank you for your faithful leadership.

Text: Deuteronomy 34:1-8

1. Share with the group a surprise ending that you have seen in a movie that you enjoyed and one that you did not. How have those examples reflected a real life surprise ending you have experienced in your life?

2. What is your emotional reaction to the concept of knowing God loves us deeply, but also knowing we may not always experience our interpretation of the promised land (our dreams)? When this has happened in your life, how have you invited God in?

3. In Exodus 33, Moses found Himself in “the cleft of the rock” with God, the place of safety and nearness where He encountered Him. Share about a time where you met God the cleft of the rock. How did you come to know Jesus in a deeper way from that experience?

4. With 15-20 minutes remaining, break into groups of 3 or 4. Everyone has experienced shattered dreams, unexpected endings and personal loss. Take the time to share one or two of these in that smaller group. Encourage group members to listen (not give advice or try and fix the person sharing). Just give space for each other to share. Then, simply pray for one another. Ask God to fill each one with peace, hope, joy and a fullness of the Holy Spirit.