The Main Event

The Main Event

Luke 9:51
When the days drew near for Him to be taken up, He (Jesus) set His face to go to Jerusalem.


These verses tell us that Jesus, aware of the time He had left on this earth, set His face towards Jerusalem. We also know that Jesus sought God early in the morning. How much more do we need an awareness of the brevity of life? As leaders, we must own the practice of daily time with God in worship, prayer and Bible reading. When fully embraced, this discipline of your first hour with God can serve as a rudder for your day.

During this time alone, ask the Holy Spirit this question. What would You have me ‘set my face’ towards today? What is today’s main event? Be still and listen for His answer. Allow Him to give you His focus, His priorities. Ask for the wisdom, strength and skill to complete His main event for your day.


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