Rinse & Repeat

Rinse & Repeat

Scripture verses: Deuteronomy 6:4-9

How do we bring the truth of God’s Word from our heads to our hearts? These verses give us the key. And that key is repetition.

We are to take God’s Word and teach it, make it part of our normal conversation, review it during travel time, meditate on it in the morning & in the evening and post it everywhere as a reminder. Want a deeper and stronger relationship with Jesus? Want to increase excellence in all areas of your life? Learn to rinse and repeat!

Consider these practices.

  • The Seven GOLDEN Habits – Daily 1st hour with God, share your faith weekly, act on Holy Spirit promptings, live by sexual boundaries, practice generous giving, set apart a weekly Sabbath, develop disciples. Are these basic disciplines a consistent practice for you?
  • Have functional and attainable goals in all areas of your life. Do you have specific targets for every area of your life? This includes your spiritual life, personal & professional growth and physical well-being?
  • Set priorities based on those goals. Do your priorities help shape your choices?
  • Create rhythms in your life that allow you to review these important and repetitive habits. Do you slow down enough to consider where your life is and where you are headed?

Pray this prayer with me. Holy Spirit, show me where I need the sacred habit of repetition in my life. Reveal to me the areas where I’m faking it. Strength me so I may turn towards You and receive the grace to bring truth from my head to my heart. Amen.

Begin today. Rinse and Repeat.


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