When was the last time you read the entire Declaration of Independence? C’mon, admit it…you haven’t seen it since you handed in your 8th grade American government project. I happened to revisit it a few weeks ago during an Internet deep-dive on American history. I was astonished at its power and tone. It spoke of a country free from the tyranny of England where ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ would not only be protected, but encouraged. It 1458 words seemed to leap off the page. They seemed to ignite something in me beyond patriotism or pride in our country. You see, there’s just something about a declaration that causes us to dream and imagine life in a way we never had before.

Do you realize how often you encounter declarations? We say things all the time to define or pronounce something over ourselves and others. We tell our spouses and kids how much we love them. We tell our friends and co-workers that we think they’re funny or generous. We tell ourselves plenty of declarations, too. That ‘you can do this.’ Or ‘I’m smart.’ But maybe you’ve said things like ‘I’m never going to measure up.’ Or ‘No one will ever accept me.’

Every ad or billboard that catches your eye is trying to convince you that you’re incomplete without the latest and greatest product. Culture tries to declare who you are by the clothes you wear or the job you have and it attempts to influence who you will be based on your gender or ethnicity.

Despite all the declarations swirling around you, you probably feel just as confused and conflicted about who you are and who you are meant to be. Every positive word someone says to you is opposed by a negative word you tell yourself. But what if there was a singular voice you could trust? A word that would bring everything about who you were meant to be together?

Throughout Scripture we see a God who had made hundreds of declarations about who He is and who we are. A God who is for you (Romans 8:31), who loves you (1 John 3:1), who is faithful (2 Timothy 2:13), merciful (Titus 3:5), and compassionate (Isaiah 49:13). 

As you step into 2018 I would encourage you to consider the declaration of a God who sent His Son to die a substitutionary death so that you might have new life and relationship with Him. That declaration of His unending, unmerited love for you hung on a Cross to pay the debt you owed, and three days later rose from the dead forever declaring His power over death (1 Corinthians 15:50-55). It’s a declaration worthy of your attention, and one that holds the power to change your life. There’s just something about a declaration that causes us to dream and imagine life in a way we never had before.

Check out CityChurch’s ‘Daily Time with God’ page for more on the power of Biblical declarations, and how to add them into your daily routine: ourcitychurch.org/daily-time-with-god/


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