Scripture reading: Psalm 98

A new song. Marvelous things. Sea roar. Rivers clap their hands. Re-read Psalm 98 and let the words sink in deep. What is the Psalmist trying to put language around in these sacred writings? The answer is simple. Inspiration.

As a leader, you must intentionally live an inspired life. What evokes dreaming in your heart? What stirs up those eternal God-longings that you starve for? Ask yourself…what inspires me? Is it Scripture, worship, art… where do you find that sense of something bigger than self? How can you get around those sources of inspiration on a daily basis? Take the time to seek and find the answers to these questions.

This week, don’t just lead people – inject inspiration into those around you. Don’t just go through the motions of a daily routine – mix it with love and destiny. Become a student of inspiration. Then live inspired.