Jump In // The Parable of the Talents

Jump In // The Parable of the Talents

In the parable of the Talents, a man was going on a journey and he left three of his servants to oversee his property. He gave five talents to one servant, two talents to another servant, and one to the third servant. His expectation was that when he returned from his journey, they would have been prosperous and made the money multiply. He wanted to see them take what was given to them and make it work in their favor.

For thirteen years, I installed fire sprinklers for the same company. I had found favor with my bosses. I was well liked amongst the guys; I had good benefits; My managers trusted me and put me in charge of large projects. Everything was good! I was able to support my family with a single income and still be home to get the kids off the school bus. Along with work, I was serving in our community of believers for 9 years—overseeing a community house and traveling with the ministry we were a part of. 

After years of serving and being faithful with what God had in front of me, I felt he opened up a new door—one he confirmed again and again. An opportunity to leave my job and lead the Hartford campus of City Church arose. Although this was a huge risk and a change in everything I was used to, I knew the Lord was leading me to “jump in”.

When I thought about eternity and facing the Lord on the day of judgement, I felt convicted of even the possibility of saying I wasn’t willing to lay down my life for a greater call or the call that the lord was laying before me.

The parable says, “knowing you were a hard master I hid what you gave me so that I wouldn’t lose your money." 

This man who buried his treasure was afraid of messing up and not making a good decision with his investment. Similar to him, I could have easily put my head down and kept on the journey I had been walking down. I could have easily stayed where it was comfortable. I would not have lost anything for the Kingdom; I was doing “good” things; I was a witness for Christ at my job; I was investing in the people in our community. I was doing “all the right things”. But as I reflect on this season of life and where my journey could have gone compared to where it went, one truth comes to mind. The good thing is not always the right thing.

Today, ask God to reveal to you where in your life are you not risking for him. Ask him to show you where you may be living too comfortably and not using what God has given you. He always meets us at our level of expectation, so expect God to reveal these things to your heart today!