Staying Fresh

Staying Fresh

Scripture reading: 1 Kings 19:4-8

Burnout. Too often this becomes our story. The danger of living on mission for Jesus is that often we forget our need for refreshing. In the scripture reading we see that Elijah is weary and God meets him with food and a nap. It’s crucial that along with burning mission, we embrace the wisdom of refreshing.

Consider these 5 elements of refreshing and ask yourself: Which one am I neglecting?

  1. Solitude, silence and prayer – without a doubt the most helpful. Time with God provides the greatest need we have – rest for your soul. Without this deep soul care other forms of refreshing fail to deliver.
  2. Beauty – whether it’s art, music, nature…take the time to enjoy the beauty and majesty of God’s creation. Breathe in fresh air, appreciate art, listen to music, take a walk on a snowy day…discover refreshing in beauty.
  3. Physical Exercise – we are hard wired for movement. Find a consistent exercise routine that you enjoy! The dividends are incredible!
  4. Relationship – our hearts long to know others and be known. Find the few who you have deep and refreshing conversation with. Make it a part of your life to spend time with them.
  5. Recreation – have fun! Whether it’s sports, food, games…the list is endless. Make it a priority to enjoy life!

So….how is your soul? The first step is getting in tune with what refreshes you. Take the time to ask the Holy Spirit – what would refresh me now? He is faithful to speak to you. Make a plan to have all 5 elements in your monthly routine.