When Life Turns Beige

When Life Turns Beige

Scripture Reading: Psalm 42

Have you ever woken up in the morning and asked yourself: Do I want to keep doing what I’m doing? Has my job, my life become just a daily grind? These days happen to everyone. We feel like we’ve forgotten the ‘plot’ of our life. It’s when life loses its color and everything seems beige.

How do we shift out of these beige moments? Sometimes we reach for the quick fix…the shopping spree, the dinner out…spending money we really don’t have. Or we can try to ‘TV-it’ away…or choose another pleasure that we think will bring the color back.

Psalm 42 gives us the secret of driving away the beige and restoring the color. “As a deer pants for flowing streams so pants my soul for You, O God.” The psalmist begins with the answer. Our souls are only brought back to life by spending time with God.

As a leader, how do you navigate these beige moments? Do you realize that there’s only One who can satisfy your soul? Don’t settle for temporal relief – develop the habit of going straight to God to change the condition of your heart. I promise you…everything will look different when you do.